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We are a group of baptized believers who have obeyed the Gospel of Christ. It is our hope and prayer to do all that our Lord has asked of us, but also to do only that which He asks. It is our intent to “Speak where the Bible speaks, and to remain silent where the Bible is silent.” We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and we practice all that it teaches and do nothing that is not authorized by that Word.  As a congregation we are totally independent and autonomous.  We are not a denomination, nor are we affiliated with any denominational ties.  Individually we are Christians (Acts 11:26). Collectively we are the church of Christ (Romans 16:16). We believe if the same seed is sown (Luke 8:11) the same product will result. It is our plea that all might be united as our Lord prayed (John 17:20-21). But, unity must be based upon Truth.  It is our sincere desire to live daily lives that are a reflection of the example of Jesus Christ.

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Youth Education 

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